The Wonderful City Of Jizan Saudi Arabia


The capital city of the Jizan province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known as Jizan. The Jizan province is situated in the far south west region of Saudi Arabia. Jizan city is a sea port and is situated on the coast of the Red Sea. Jizan Saudi Arabia is the third most important port city on the Red Sea coast.


Jizan is almost entirely inhabited by Africans and Arab people. Practically 100% of the people of Jizan practice the Islam religion. The city of Jizan is abundant in natural beauty and has geographical features that are as diverse as mountains, fertile plains, sea coasts, and forests. Agriculture is one of the primary occupations of the inhabitants of Jizan, making this city one of the largest producers of various crops and fruits that includes coffee, mangoes, grapes, millet, oranges, wheat, lemons, and barley.


Jizan Saudi Arabia is home to many different tourist attractions, one of them being Farasan Island. This island is a wild life reserve and is a protected area. The Farasan Island gazelle is a protected species on this island. In the winter, Farasan island is also home to migratory birds from different European regions. Another archeological site, the Faifa Mountains, is also worth a visit due to their magnificent rock formations and lush green meadows.


Jazan Economic City, Saudi Arabia


The Jazan economic city will come up near Jizan, about 60 kms north-west of the city. The ready availability of raw materials and the large numbers of labour work force make Jizan a perfect location for such an economic city. A new international airport is being proposed to facilitate connectivity and increase the accessibility to the area of Jizan Saudi Arabia.